“Following from the analysis of the Police as a network of apparatuses, we must recognize the human beings who comprise the police force are machines in and of themselves. They are the ultimate apparatus… We cannot win them to our side no matter how just our cause or how meek our demonstrations. The police, as human machines, must be debased, embarrassed, shamed, assaulted, and confronted in the most intimate way. All of their weaknesses and insecurities must be turned against them. The consequences and shame of their job must come to entirely outweigh any potential benefit gained by wearing a badge.” “War On the Police: A Year of Attacks in the State of California,” Lawless: a manual for war (via ahystericalvoid)

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Greek protestors beat off duty police man, strip him of his uniform, and burn it.


Protesters attacked one policeman at Syntagma Square, near the spot where Dimitris Christoulas, 77, committed suicide on Wednesday morning. Dimitris stated in his suicide note that his pension had been cut and he chose to end his life in order to have “…a dignified end, before resorting to going through garbage in order to cover my nutritional needs.” The policeman was stripped of his uniform and some equipment which was burned on the spot of the suicide. There have been many protests and clashes with authorities in response to the suicide.

One day, I believe, the youth with no future will take up arms and hang the national traitors at syntagma square, just like the Italians did with Mussolini in 1945 (at Milan’s Piazzale Loreto)

–Dimitris Christoulas, Syntagma, Athens, April 4th, 2012

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24 hour general strike underway in Spain


Workers and youths assemble barricades in front of one of Spains largest food suppliers early this morning in an attempt to block trucks from entering or exiting.

Spains major unions have called for a 24 hour general strike that started this morning with several blockades being erected to prevent commercial and public vehicles from continuing their normal routine. The strike is in response to new spending cuts by the spanish government. The new conservative government and its prime minister Mariano Rajoy have introduced several austerity measures in the 100 days they have been in power including $11.85bn worth of spending cuts, $8.39bn in tax rises, reduced severance pay for laid-off workers, and reforms making it easier to hire and fire workers.

Regular updates about the strike

Spains three anarchist unions call for participation in the strike

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call for submissions: compilation of arrest experiences


I am putting together a compilation of narratives about getting arrested by the police. I was recently arrested for the first time, and the experience would have been much more traumatic and frightening if I hadn’t known what to expect from hearing many of my friends’ arrest stories. “Know your rights” trainings are (in my experience) inadequate in preparing people for what actually happens in an arrest scenario. Your “rights” are one thing, what the police actually do can be entirely different. 

The purpose of this project is not to minimize the traumatic nature of arrest, but rather to demystify the process. It is often easier to face a terrible event knowing what to expect rather than guessing. Fear of arrest is often a dissuading factor from acting on one’s desires, and I wish to foster a climate where anarchists, nihilists, communists, and other rabble-rousers can be more comfortable acting on our desires after having adequately prepared for what is an inevitable consequence of resisting Power.

Feel free to write about any of the following:

  • What were you doing when you were arrested?
  • How were you detained?
  • What sort of things did the police say/do to you as they arrested you?
  • Were you transported somewhere else?
  • How were you transported?
  • Were you arrested with other people?
  • How long were you in custody?
  • Did the police treat you differently because of various aspects of your identity?
  • How was your treatment different from what you’d heard about how the police legally “should” treat you?
  • Did you go to jail/prison?
  • What was your experience in jail/prison?
  • Did you plea guilty or innocent? Were you convicted?
  • What was/is your sentence?
  • Anything else you think is relevant!

I am particularly interested in compiling stories from people with a broad range of identities - police interact very differently with rich white men than with poor women of color (for example), and part of preparing for arrest means understanding how police interact with people in one’s own social position. It is beyond the scope of this project to provide an analysis of the racialized and classed nature of policing, but if the compilation only represents voices from those least affected by police violence then it will have failed in its mission.

The ultimate goal of this project is to publish the compiled stories in print and online, likely in a zine format. With that in mind, please do not include any information that could complicate/worsen anyone’s legal situation. You are welcome to submit anonymously, and I will double check with all submitters about what name (if any) they want to be published under.

Submission deadline is March 31st, 2012. Please send all submissions and questions to arreststoriesproject (at) riseup (dot) net.

Signal boosting/reblogging much appreciated!

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“So long as the police—and more importanly, the politicians who control them—can define the limits of permissible protest and lie to the public with impunity, they are free to take whatever repressive measures they wish, all the while blaming everything on the actions of the protesters. The legitimacy of the police is a cause of police violence, and therefore the only way to ultimately reign in the cops is to tear away their veil of public support. It’s worth remembering that when the tide turned in the Egyptian revolution, it wasn’t because the cops stood down in the face of mass protests; it was because they were literally chased off the streets.” Peter Frase, on the fact that the only way to avoid “provoking the police” is complete and total subservience, and probably just to call the whole protest off ahead of time for good measure. They use brutality and lies to get what they want and to avoid the blame, and anything that the rest of us do to accept that situation helps them. (via youthisastateofmind)

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