Every time someone mentions that I should read The Vegetarian Myth a tide of anger comes over me.  Mostly because the amount of ex-vegans who have used it for there main justification for giving up on Veganism and animal rights (while pretty much ignoring the main problem pointed out by the book and even over looked by it’s own author in choosing to name the book the way she did - vegans and veges aren’t the problem - capitalism and the industrial agriculture it spawned are the true evil, and an evil we all participate in whether vegan or meat eater).

So lets point out the floors in her argument (feel free to add to them if I’ve missed any)

5mins in she starts to say you can not get the ‘complete proteins’ from a vegan or vegetarian diet.  Lies. 

She then says that there are vitamins and fats you also cannot get an will DIE without.  Well I’m 28 and be vegan my whole life, and as I am typing this now I am not deceased… and supposedly you will have deficiency’s, as it stands I have no known problems.

6mins 30secs another supposed you’ll die moment. Nope still here.  She then starts to claim you will get cancer or diabetes.  Both diseases that are rife in the diets of those who eat a lot red meat diet.

Link to an article on the links between red meat and diabetes - http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=red-meat-diabtetes

Link to article on red meat increasing the risk of cancer and heart problems -


At around 10mins she starts going off about red fatty meats and organs being good for you. 

Article on red meats links to cancers (also state that vegetarians were 40% less likely to get cancer compared to meat eaters). - http://www.cancerproject.org/survival/cancer_facts/meat.php

You could also look up the information surrounding the china study and the increases in diseases and health decline in China correlated to increased meat and fast food intakes. http://www.thechinastudy.com/

11mins 55secs Claims her spinal problems were directly linked to her being a vegan (which she admits she wasn’t 100% as she still claims to of cheated with certain non vegan foods on a regular basis).  She has absolutely no evidence to support her claims.  It’s merely assumptions on her behalf.

12mins 53secs Possibly her most outrageous and offensive claim of all

“People that eat low fat diets have 4x the suicide rate, and not just suicide but violent death and murder rate.  So you’re not stable when you don’t get enough fat”

Her argument that follows this about factory farming is right to some degree, but doesn’t support her anti vegan stance, and in fact is more so an anti meat eating one.  Her argument is against industrial farming (and rightly so), she should of focused on that instead of trying to find justification for why she gave up on a supposedly vegan diet. 

You can understand the real damage that is being done to this planet, attempt to reject and find alternatives for industrial agriculture while still refraining from the cruelty of the meat and dairy industries, because there is no such thing as ethical meat and just because something was raised locally does not mean it is free from cruelty. 

Also check out the book being ripped apart here - http://vegetarianmythmyth.wordpress.com/category/the-vegetarian-myth-chapter-1/

You cannot slit a beings throat ethically.

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