We’ve been inspired by the occupations around the country and across the globe that have come together in a culture of resistance. We have a long way to go. Look around us. Look at our own city. Thousands are being kicked out of their shelters, communities are being torn apart by destructive capitalism and hundreds of buildings are left empty and forgotten.

Let us collectively disrespect the boundaries that restrict where we can and cannot go. Let us liberate the forgotten and abandoned spaces that sit vacant to safeguard speculative profits, while thousands face a constant struggle for shelter.

As a new season of life is upon us, look around at the many empty spaces that sit unused and devoid of life. What could become of the empty record store on the corner, the abandoned church in your neighborhood, or even the vacant pharmacy that you used to frequent? It is clear that those who have placed the locks on the doors have no interest in respecting any sort of understanding of shelter that serves people or communities.

So, should we respect their locks?

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