i dont care how anarko punx oi oi oi you are







if you will be old enough to vote by november and don’t vote for obama then you are actively contributing to making lives worse for women, people of color, the queer/trans* communities, and basically everyone other than rich white cis males who were born in america.

sure, obama’s not perfect and militarism is fucked up and all that but seriously, THE OTHER OPTIONS ARE ACTUALLY TERRIFYING.

so fuck you if youre too punx to vote, you’re just helping make everything worse.

Obama is a terrifying option too for many people around the world, but the alternative is worse. Vote Obama.

This is about as simple as this can be made without ignoring any of the realities of this situation.

because for real.

i feel really conflicted about this. i agree that obama is, especially in the area of queer rights, a lot less problematic than romney and ryan. this is obvious. however i also think that unless it’s backed up with some serious, concrete, (and potentially) direct action-style planning to make shit different and better in the immediate future, this line of reasoning doesn’t legitimate voting for him. if we’re at the point of criticizing bipartisan politics that we’re openly encouraging folks to vote for the “less bad guy,” things are really, really fucked and our criticism needs to escalate further. i don’t want romney and ryan in the office because they will be immediately deleterious to the country and the world.

however, so will obama. this is why i think that making voting for the “less bad guy” a moral imperative is flawed. it’s obvious that our government is corrupt and won’t change quickly enough to prevent massive disparities. i think it’s more important to put emphasis on undermining the two-party system than weakly continuing its existence.

also, i think that people who don’t vote for reasons of ethics rather than apathy should be respected. that, and i doubt there are enough people who really think of themselves as too punx to vote to actually fuck up vote margins in any swing states. anarchism is a legitimate political philosophy and i trust that anyone who is actually critical and chooses not to vote with intentionality will also put energy into bettering their community. what this election is showing us is that we can’t trust elected officials to care for communities, no matter what their affiliation is. lifestyle anarchists do exist, but they make up a tiny, tiny percentage of this country—i would worry a hell of a lot more about lobbyists and infinite campaign budgets if i were you guys.

worth noting, too: not voting for ethics and not voting for apathy are pretty related. While a lot of people who don’t vote my not have the vocabulary to describe duopolys and disenfranchisement probably know on some intuitive level still aren’t voting because they know on some more intuitive level that nobody running for office gives a shit about them.

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