Bicycle Swap Meet Sep 1st


Saturday September 1st, Portland OR

I’ve been an amateur frame builder, in the keeper of the flame style, for a few years and this swap is a fund raiser to help me move from my home shop to the next commercial level. I also do low cost and free bike maintenance education work for people in my community and wish to open this service up to the public. Come buy, sell, and just check out all the cool bikes and parts and help me raise funds to move into a store front and take my building and community service to the next level.

This is a fund raiser, but instead of charging entrance or table fees I will be accepting donations. (as I said I do a lot of low cost/free education based maintenance and repair for people in need so I will also accept donations of well used, but still usable parts: anything you don’t think is worth your time to sell or that doesn’t sell and you don’t want to bother dragging home will be much appreciated: examples include medium end Japanese road bike frames, mtb drive trains/derailleurs, alloy 27in wheels and tires, flat bar levers; pretty much anything that can be used to turn old steel rim boom bikes into safe upright “campus” commuters.


5218 N Michigan Ave in Portland OR 97217. Just one block from the corners of Alberta and Albina (Mississippi). I’m just two blocks off the I-5 Killingsworth exit for drivers, and only a few blocks off the Going, Vancouver/Williams bike boulevards for those ridding.


Saturday Sep 1st, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m (or until we get sick of hanging out and talking about bikes :p)


My shop is a little home shop with a nice covered car port and medium sized back yard shaded by a huge Black Walnut tree (this does mean that the occasional walnut will drop). There is room for about 13 full size tables, and sale bikes, under the shade of the tree, at least four more under the shaded car port, and a dozen more in the more visible sunny side yard. So space is limited so please RSVP to reserve a seller’s space in the shade and let me know about how much room you will need. I do have a few picnic tables and card tables, but if you can bring you own that would be great. This swap is geared toward bike mechanics, collectors, Classic Light Weights, high end vintage parts; hand built and just in general quality bikes and parts for enthusiasts, commuters, and Randonneurs. So bring things to buy, sell, trade, or donate.

Feel free to bring snacks and beer!


StarMichael Bowman

Portland OR

cell# 541 337 7348 (email is preferred)

please share and spread the word to your bike nerd friends. I will also be having a similar style punk swap meet the very next day, so bring down your records, books, patches, music gear and art on Sunday the second!

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